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Danae Suites Santorini Feel yourself in the peaceful beauty of Finikia the most best-preserved settlement of Santorini, one of the world’s top destinations, and sink in like a diver. Smell one of the oldest vine scenery of the Aegean islands, taste the local gastronomy, listen to the refreshing winds blowing 300 meters above sea level, watch the famous Santorini sunset up at Kyra Panagia.

Danae Suites & Villas Santorini, a brand new, boutique holiday complex of suites, stand out in the traditional settlement of Finikia, on the northwest side of the island, very close from world-famous Oia where houses talked to the sea. Our Suites here in Finikia were built with respect to mother nature. These cozy Cycladic-style designed spacious suites with stunning views to the Aegean’s islands and Ios, are made just for you serving your serenity.

Finikia may not have the postcard appeal of Oia or Fira, but if you want a cozy spot to watch the sunset far from the madding crowds, it is about thirty (30) minutes from Oia on foot, and less than ten (10) by car. Donkey rides are available too.

Finikia is a settlement sculptured into the banks of the torrent, once picturesque and serene, comprising mainly traditional Cycladic homes, well preserved, and typical churches and chapels. With the tourist boom in recent years, there’s a lot going on in Finikia, as new residences are built – luckily in the traditional architectural style of the island, which is the best for the weather conditions of the area.

Many people would describe Finikia as a suburb of Oia, but the two are different and unique. The old part of Finikia with its 40 families or so, is the best-preserved settlement on the island. There are similarities between Finikia and Oia: traditional whitewashed cliff homes with vibrant blue gates line up narrow roads, but unlike Oia, Finikia is peaceful, as there are not many hotels, and very few homes offer accommodation.

You can explore the village on foot in less than an hour, and, as you walk its cobblestone pathways follow the stairs you find on the way, as some lead to rustic taverns that offer good local fare with lovely views. There’s also a great place to see the famous Santorini sunset, up at Kyra Panagia.

Have a meal at a traditional taverna, nestled among traditional homes. The offer local fare based on crops from the area, including beans, eggplant, fresh Santorini tomatoes, tomato balls with tomato paste, capers, wild asparagus in scrambled eggs, manito mushrooms, and much more. Meat lovers will enjoy meats barbecued over charcoal, lamb spit, homemade sausages. The experience is unforgettable.

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