A walk around Finikia is a unique experience (you should come early in the morning, though, or late in the evening, because during the summer it is really hot). The region is home to several unique and unusual attractions. The houses are painted in various colors. Prickly pears are hidden in the narrow streets and there are fences built from black andesite. The staircases leading to the upper floors and the roofs, where they used to sun-dry figs and grapes, are masterpieces. And when the old courtyard gates open up, you can take a peek at the gardens and yards with the old wineries. At the centre of the village once stood a bakery and a grocery store. One of the best locations in Finikia is the yard of the Aghia Matrona church. From there you can gaze at the lower part of the beautiful village, the sea and the area of Baxedes, or the so-called "Potamoi" (paths that lead the water to the valley in the winter, even today).

Aghia Matrona was built in 1859 by F. Platis, a ship-owner from Oia. It is celebrated on the 20th of October with a festival and a wine-tasting contest.

In Finikia there are small hotels and a restaurant.

Finikia is a farmer’s village, traditionally known for its vineyards. This is where you will find one of the island’s most celebrated wineries, Domaine Sigalas.

A multiple-award winning winery, Domaine Sigalas is known for its Assyrtiko wines, but they also blend Aidani, Athiri, Mandilaria, and Mavrotragano, to obtain wines with unique character. They offer wine tastings and you can even enjoy their delicious grapes in season. Ask your concierge at Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa to organize a winery visit and tasting for you, as Domaine Sigalas is the closest winemaker to our resort.