Santorini is something of a paradox. An island so geologically restless that turns out to be the ultimate relaxing, a serenity spot in the heart of the Aegean. Nature has been unique in this island, creating a brutally ravishing landscape, oh so starkly beautiful, it makes you wish you could actually carve it in your memories, but also so serene, leaving you light-headed, almost sedated. Fira and Oia might steal the spotlight, as the most famous sunset-watching, Caldera-gazing towns, but Finikia discreetly sneaks in, claiming its spot atop the most unspoiled, authentic, time-forgotten settlements on the island of Santorini.

Finikia is a beautiful, the most well-preserved traditional village -and one of the island’s first Medieval settlements-, located at a stone’s throw from Oia. All dazzling white boxy houses and two notable churches are carved on the volcanic rocks, its Cycladic architecture takes visitors to another spacetime, while its unobstructed view to the vineyards and the Aegean is simply breathtaking. Finikia is situated 10 kilometers northwest of Fira, and less than 1 kilometer from Oia -following a path along the Caldera-, and is easily accessible by bus and private transportation means (no cars are allowed in the village). The port is 9 kilometers away, the airport is 10 kilometers away, and there is a bus at the entrance of the village, connecting it with the island’s capital and other villages and settlements.

Finikia has few taverns, where guests can enjoy traditional local cuisine dishes. Last, but not least, there are two walking trails, starting from the village; one leads to Fira and the other to the beach of Baxedes.